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Such malware can release your browsing history to the public, report you to the FBI for pornography, etc., unless you pay the fee of a few hundred dollars to hackers.

Easily cloned, easily modified, and seemingly easy to bypass security checks, malicious malwares are masquerading as duplicate apps, waiting to infect your device.

Not only your IP address is now available to these third parties, but also your location, your system hardware, the information about the browser you’re using, or even whether your device is in hand or sitting on a table.

All these make the porn advertisers build detailed profiles that can be easily shared with other companies.

The scary thing is that the “I didn’t know” defense is not a weighty argument in the court to believe you are innocent and just became a victim of cyber criminals.If you are not careful visiting adult websites, you can find yourself in a legal trouble.Even if you don’t have absolutely any intention of participating, visiting porn sites can affect you.When you click a link on a website, besides the first-party request (to get a webpage you want to see), you also send a third-party request.This one is directed at the numerous advertising trackers linked to the site, so they can prepare “accurate” links exactly for you.

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