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As it’s Easter Monday in London, a sleepy bank holiday, our interview expands into a nearly five-hour tour of his favorite restaurants, cafes and tea shops in Covent Garden and Bond Street.

We walk through rows of hanging Peking ducks at Novikov restaurant and peruse ,000 bottles of Burgundy at Hedonism Wines.

“He was already among Russia’s internet heavyweights.” Finam acquired 80% of Begun at the end of 2003, a transaction that Andreev says made him a millionaire. Finally armed with some wealth, Andreev decided to tackle the burgeoning online dating world.

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”Badoo documents filed with the British government also show yet another entity, Rimberg International Corp., based in the British Virgin Islands (where there is no corporate tax), with Andreev as the ultimate owner.He wound up in Valencia, Spain, building and selling several startups including Virus, an online store that sold computers and computer accessories to Russian users of the nascent internet, and Spy Log, a software tool to track site visitors, for smallish sums.  Then in 2002, he created Begun, a company that helped advertisers target ads online, which caught the attention of Finam Holdings, a Russian investment firm.“At the time, Andreev was not some sort of unknown youngster,” says Finam analyst Leonid Delitsin.Andreev’s biggest asset is Badoo, a European- and Latin American-focused dating app that, with 60 million users, stands as one of the world’s largest.His buzziest, however, is Bumble, the dating app focused on empowering women and giving them a safer environment. “I understood and I see that we needed to attract women to be on the platform, but how? “We needed to make a safe place, a place where every woman on the planet [would] feel very comfortable.”This presents a big problem for Bumble.

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