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They just don’t want to go about the terrifying business of actually finding that person.’ But often the reason students avoid commitment is more practical than existential: the timing just isn’t right.

At the RUG, students are focused on their own personal, academic, and professional development.

But I was wrong; the picture is a lot more complicated than that.

In an anonymous survey, 78 percent of students said they would prefer to be having relationship sex than any other kind.

She says social media makes it easy to believe everyone else is ‘more interesting, more attractive, more talented, wealthier.’ The fear then, is that any potential partner will have unlimited access to better ‘products.’ Committing to an honest relationship would mean letting someone discover that you’re not as loveable as your Instagram feed implies. Marta thinks most of her peers would rather maintain the status quo than risk having happiness and losing it.

She says the status quo is lonely, but the trick is not to think about it.

The Netherlands has one of the highest divorce-to-marriage ratios in the world; according to the statistics, probably over half of Dutch RUG students have parents who are divorced.

That’s why so far, he’s avoided relationships at any cost.But paradoxically, most of them studiously avoid commitment anyway. People hop from relationship to relationship because they are afraid to be alone.’ Media studies student Alejandro agrees.‘I’ve had a lot of those superficial romances where you just pick a person who fits your need at the moment.He just got out of his first serious relationship, which he says required more maturity than he was capable of.‘I know now I need to be more realistic about what I can offer at this point in my life. I can’t get too connected to anybody.’ He says he can’t go back to superficial relationships now that he’s had the real thing, but he can’t have the real thing either.

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