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You could spend the entire day rifling through texts old and new, but the upper level (aptly titled “The Labyrinth”) is worth the trip upstairs too.

Local artists rent out small spaces to create display their art.

Stereotyped as the land of tastemakers, juice and boob jobs, LA is often overlooked by more cerebral prospects in favor of seemingly more cerebral cities like New York or Chicago.

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According to detectives, Clark told his alleged victims he had connections in the entertainment industry or that he was a photographer in order to lure them to his Sylmar-area home.It is probably wise to have the parents of the young man and the young woman aware of the relationship and in approval of it.Even this seemingly safe level of a relationship, however, can trigger false accusations of statutory rape (Penal Code § 261.5), sexual battery (Penal Code § 243.4), child molestation (Penal Code § 647.6, also called annoying a child under 18), oral copulation with a minor (Penal Code § 288a) or, more generally, lewd and lascivious conduct with a child (Penal Code § 288(a)) by a jealous person, a mistaken observer or an angry parent who may not understand how serious the consequences of such accusations can be for the eighteen year old.Police Wednesday announced the arrest of 40-year-old Aaron Clark in connection with sexual assaults of two women on April 13 and 14.Police are asking additional potential victims to come forward.

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    Of course, these choices brought the addict much pain, and now post-recovery, he or she must tolerate a temporary loss of autonomy, sharing with a therapist, a 12-step group sponsor and even a support group the everyday minutia of their dating process.