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All in all, this was a total waste of time that we cannot recommend to anyone with a clear conscience. You really cannot expect to get laid on Saucy Dates or any other free website for that matter.

Nothing that is worth it in life is free, so keep this in mind when scouring the internet for dating sites. The paid websites that we recommend in the top are all very affordable, and guarantee results which make them worth the money and effort.

There are thousands of hookup sites and apps that do this and hide it in within the terms and conditions and class themselves as an entertainment site, not a dating site.

It's impossible to meet a real person if there are no real people on the site.

The only other people that like Saucy are girls that can’t get laid on any other website, so they have to go to one like Saucy Let’s look deeper into what makes Saucy so absolutely terrible.We also did not get any responses from the hot women that we contacted, which is a big letdown on any dating site. We truly recommend you to pick up a real hook up site. There is really no other way to put it except that free dating sites, Saucy included are a complete waste of time.We did not set up any dates, and as you can already tell, we did not get laid. We recommend that you go for paid sites, specifically those that we have reviewed as our top 5.The first thing you need to know about Saucy is that it’s FREE. Yes, it’s nice not to have to pay for a service, but if it’s an absolutely useless service it’s still not a value.Now, many guys might think that this is an advantage. The problem with a free website is that most websites that do cost money offer their services to active female members for free.

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    “To start with, the fact that I was on there looking for hot and fun people to hook up with, and anyone I matched with was looking for the same, meant that I got to skip the awkward first few dates,” she tells me.

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    Just prior to celebrating one of the BIG birthdays I did some soul searching and admitted that I had been approaching dating from the wrong perspective.