No dating just sex

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But AARP studies show that 65% remain sexually active." Put aside the romanticized, silver-screen notions of sex, Foley says.

"The majority of people your age are having good-enough sex.

You have to decide, 'This is what I want, how do I proceed,'" she advises. You have to be willing to say this to your partner: "We need to jazz up our sex life. We have to set aside time for it.'" If your partner is unwilling, here's your dialogue: "We need to go for a brief round of counseling to get our priorities straight.

I'm not willing to settle for a relationship where you sit in a chair, pop a few beers, and our sex life is over." The stereotype of grumpy old men exists for a reason, Foley explains.

"You tell everything important to your friends but not to each other."The initial passion of any relationship changes after 18 months," says Sallie Foley, MSW, director of the Center for Sexual Health at the University of Michigan.She is the author of Modern Love and Sex and Love for Grownups."It moves from the romantic and exciting to an attachment kind of loving, fondness," Foley tells Web MD."That gotta have it, gotta have it feeling is gone." Take stock of what you want, she advises.

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