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God’s commands in the Bible regarding sex aren’t to make us more prudish or have less fun.They’re actually to give us the most fulfilling sexual experience possible.Now I tell women that the One Year No Dating Challenge is the one thing I wish I had done when I was single. When I heard that the sermon series was being written in book format, I couldn’t wait to read it.No, I’m no longer single, but I knew it would help me as I mentor single women and it will one day help me when my daughters are teenagers. I even recommend it to married people for reasons I’ll mention below.Every single statement Andy wrote above is absolutely true.I don’t know you, and I have no reason to lie to you.The New Rules for Love, Sex, and Dating is the sermon series where I first heard about the “One Year No Dating Challenge“. I say unfortunately because when Andy Stanley mentioned it in the series I immediately thought, “Why didn’t I do that!” As I have admitted without shame, marriage is the hardest thing I’ve ever done – even after being single for a long time.

Maybe you don’t have a colored dating history (praise God for that! If you still find yourself obsessing on dating, men, and marriage, then this challenge is for you.There are so many quotes I wish I could share with you here, but for a taste: If you’ve never been married, you should know the sexual decisions you make before you say ‘I do’ will impact your sexual experience afterward.Your sexual experience will be impacted by your partner’s pre-vow sexual decisions as well.” (p. So I have the perspective of that of a single woman and that of a married woman.But I will say this, anyone who says that their sexual experiences before marriage have no impact on their marriage or helped their marriage is either lying or unaware of their reality.The consequences of sexual sin do not show up as only sexual consequences.

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