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Changing perception of the past is literally changing the past itself, together with the memory of it. Those things that people are unaware of are open for temporal alteration.Any kind of medium that records the past will also reflect a change in its recording.""A temporal illusion is a distortion in sensory perception caused when the time between the occurrence of two or more events is very short (typically less than a second).

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He mentioned "changing the past" in the video, and he implied (above) on a dating website that he may be sent to prison. ", a question that could be taken more than one way.When we change the way we think about what happened, we tap into an alternate past timeline where the way we imagine it to be really did happen that way.The alternate past timeline leads to certain things that would have happened in our alternate present reality.In other worlds, the perception of temporal intervals appears to be directly affected, in these cases, by the perception of spatial intervals.The Kappa effect can be displayed when considering a journey made in two parts that take an equal amount of time.

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