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Another trend winning more and more positions on a wide variety of websites is full-screen background images.

These can be all types of visuals: photos, illustrations, abstract compositions or specially rendered visualizations.

Digital art opens limitless possibilities on styles, characters, environments, compositions and perspectives, and a combination of them with all the other layout elements into one design.The peak of the summertime is the time not only for holidays but also for the look back at what has been popular for the first half of the year.So, today we’ve gathered our traditional review of hot UI design trends in 2019: let’s check what has been popular in user experience design for websites and mobile applications.However, it requires much skill and effort to find the right contrast and hierarchy of elements and integrate the navigation and text content properly so that the page wouldn’t turn into the illegible mess.The website of the company selling hot-air balloon rides uses full-screen theme images as an impressive and catchy background and adds dynamic and the feeling of flight with slight unobtrusive animation.

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