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Once writers discovered it, the app world seemed to explode with location-based dating apps. I was lucky enough to grow up & come out during the i Phone generation when thousands of new types of apps seemed to be released every day.

And the gays were instrumental to that digital boom.

Some can start to feel isolated from their peers, especially if they feel that they don't fit in or are given a hard time for being different.

Just remember that children who feel loved and accepted for who they are have a much easier time.

Beyond just feeling "different," young people begin to wonder if they might be "gay" (or lesbian, bi or trans) or some other label they may prefer.

Society has become more open and accepting of LGBT individuals, and young people are beginning to come out at earlier ages than they did a generation ago.Again, parents usually need time to deal with the news.While it may take them days, weeks or many months to come to terms with their child's sexuality or gender identity, it is important for parents to show love and support for their child, even if they don't fully understand everything.Children may first come out to online communities or peers they perceive as safe and accepting before telling their family.Teens feel secure enough in who they are and share that information with loved ones.

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