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We will remove ‘and their admirers.'” Others have criticised the app for being made by cisgender people without the input of trans people. Cool cool I wonder if the creator is actually trans…

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When asked whether the app still supported the use of these terms after the complaints, a Transdr spokesperson told Pink News that while there was a benefit to using such loaded terms, they had made the decision to remove them.

App users were given the options to define as male or female, as well as female to male (FTM) or male to female (MTF).

Non-binary Transdr users were forced to either define as a binary gender or “other,” which many said was unfair for a trans focused app.

There should be an app knowing about them well and making them feel comfortable.” However, within weeks of the launch of the app, many transgender people took to social media to heavily criticise many of the app’s features and descriptions.

One of the main complaints was the use of multiple derogatory terms in both advertisements for the app and the app itself.

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