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"I'm hungry," I texted the guy I've been talking to for the past few weeks.He responded nearly immediately: "I can come over with pizza and wine."I paused, because I knew "come over" didn't mean chilling on the couch and watching "Broad City." We were going to have sex.These are based on what information is freely available on the inherent or on personal and local knowledge.Because they rely on even less official information, they are more likely to be incorrect compared to those in the US.That means public access is more restrained and information is less likely to be inappropriately obtained.Over the past few years there has been an increase in the number of apps that offer to check the whereabouts of sex offenders in local communities; particularly in the US.Does checking an app to see if a potential partner has a criminal history give a cast-iron guarantee of safety, security and low risk of emotional, psychological or physical harm? To make the information work in an app, a lot needs to be done to increase reliability and accuracy, which cannot be guaranteed.

But research generally contradicts this perception and indicates that having a physically accessible sex offenders register can negatively affect sex offender management in the community and undermine public safety.As the UK’s sex offenders register is not publicly available or accessible, there are no legal sites or apps that formally share sex offender information like in the US.The business of selling on such information has therefore not taken off in the same way but that doesn’t stop it from happening informally, via sites like the now defunct letzgo hunting.One of my personal fantasies is having someone feed me buffalo wings while I'm on top.But my straight male friends tell me that after taking a girl out for a dinner date, they expect something in return.

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