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Polygamous dating is not about cheating or single time meetups, it’s a special connection, affinity, love and sharing without exclusivity.

It’s normal to desire more love, that’s because you have too much of it in you. Meet polygamists, dating in your area and open your heart to new impressions.

Polyamory is the capacity to love two or more people at the same time.

Do not get it wrong: polyamory has nothing in common with polygamy even if these two words have a similar pronunciation.

Let’s discuss the most common stereotypes about poly people and find out which ones of them are false and which ones are true.

Of course, Match is not a dating site for polyamorous people only.

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Modern people can position themselves as heterosexual, male and female homosexual, bisexual, transgender, they can have a free relationship, no engagements etc.Keep on meeting thousands of loving singles who enjoy poly dating like you do. First and foremost, create your personal profile, upload a good representative picture and add a short description about what you are seeking here.Then, fix your dating criteria to let the search system show up only profiles of those singles who match your mentioned characteristics.Join our polygamy dating site to unleash all your romance and unexpressed feelings.Meet singles in our chatrooms, find out who matches you best, and let the journey of eternal sensuality begin today!

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    However, there is an option to skip it, and, judging by how many nearly empty profiles we have seen in our time at Be Naughty, it’s safe to say that many new members opt for not telling anything about them.

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