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Security journalist Brian Krebs broke the story on Sunday, and the company confirmed the breach.

Krebs published an image showing the attackers’ lengthy manifesto, which was published alongside data stolen from Avid Life Media (ALM): the Toronto firm that owns Ashley Madison as well as the related hookup sites Cougar Life and Established Men.

The Ashley Madison breach comes fast on the heels of a data breach in May of Adult Friend Finder – a similar site promising “discreet” hookups.

Cheating in college is nothing new, but the internet now makes it possible on a global, industrial scale.Sleek websites — with names like Ace-My Homework and Essay Shark — have sprung up that allow people in developing countries to bid on and complete American homework assignments.Although such businesses have existed for more than a decade, experts say demand has grown in recent years as the sites have become more sophisticated, with customer service hotlines and money-back guarantees. Millions of essays ordered annually in a vast, worldwide industry that provides enough income for some writers to make it a full-time job.Another unanswered question: was ALM storing credit card security codes – also known as CVVs, CVV2, CID, or CSC – along with account information? Payment card regulations known as PCI-DSS specifically forbid the storage of a card’s security code or any “track data” contained in the magnetic strip on the back of a credit card.The attack on Ashley Madison is only the latest example of why it’s imperative that we all choose strong, unique passwords – one site, one password.

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