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Distance To Fault (DTF) is a performance verification and failure analysis tool used for antenna and transmission line service and maintenance.

It uses the Frequency Domain Reflectometry (FDR) measurement technique.

The FDR measurement technique requires a swept frequency input to the transmission line.

An inverse FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) is performed on the reflected signals transforming this information into the time domain.

In a Wireless Communication System, tower mounted transmission lines and cables are replaced frequently, perhaps every five to ten years, in some cases.

Usually, all the site’s cables are replaced based upon the assumption that maintenance calls are imminent on other feeds in addition to the problem cable.

A TDR cannot detect small performance changes at RF frequencies, so it is not possible to monitor performance degradation between maintenance intervals with these traditional methods.

Without FDR techniques, the “Fix after Failure” philosophy becomes the only alternative.

Although the acronyms are similar, FDR technology is different from traditional Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) techniques.

Many components can cause problems in a communication system.

Transmission lines are typically the most common failure point.

Thus, the actual return loss versus distance is shown in Figure 1. Distance TEST TIP Cable manufacturers specify the propagation velocity (Vp) of cables.

Anritsu Handheld products incorporating DTF include tables of many standard cables and waveguides to simplify DTF measurements. If this specification is not available, it can easily be determined by measuring a known length of cable.

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