Dirty chatting

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He’d tell me I was his good girl, and often said that he would give me babies if I belonged to him. He even had a girlfriend, who knew about his other lovers.We never met in real life, but I can only imagine what I’d have heard if I’d joined them.What I like to hear can vary, if they talk too much I find it irritating and just want them to shut up.Calling me a ‘sexy little slut’ or saying ‘your p***y feels so tight and juicy’, always works.

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During one particular night with my ex-husband, we fantasied about taking a female colleague of his into the local woods and tying her to a tree.

We talked about how we would take turns kissing and teasing her, and make her watch while I sucked his c**k.

I’ve found most guys like silence, or porn phrases such as, ‘Oh yeah, that’s good’.

We used to message each other all day long and talk dirty via text, while I was in class. I recently had a play session with someone who enjoyed being belittled.

His most regular request was that I call him daddy, which I was fine with. I was in a dominant role then, and the meaner I was to him, the bigger his hard-on got.

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