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More specifically, the LFI was discovered in a module on Adult Friend Finder’s production servers.While the researcher followed up the public reveal of the vulnerabilities with a post noting that the issue was resolved, the reality could not have been starker.Both that hack and others in the adult industry, such as the 2015 Ashley Madison breach that exposed data from about 36 million users, pale in comparison to the scale of the latest alleged Friend Finder Networks data dump.In fact, if Leaked Source is correct, only the massive Yahoo data breach disclosed in September, which hit more than half a billion accounts, exposed more user accounts.The cache may also include 15 million email addresses connected to deleted accounts, according to Leaked Source.The new owners of said they are aware of the alleged breach.

But the company said in a statement that it had “received a number of reports regarding potential security vulnerabilities from a variety of sources” and that it is investigating.The hack included even 15 million ‘deleted’ accounts, which the site kept for unknown reasons.“While a number of these claims proved to be false extortion attempts, we did identify and fix a vulnerability that was related to the ability to access source code through an injection vulnerability,” ZDNet quoted from an email by CEO Diana Ballou.Items such as usernames, email addresses and passwords are stored in plaintext or using SHA-1 encryption, which experts consider insufficient under current best practices.Solutions such as 2-factor authentication could have easily helped avert a breach of this magnitude.

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