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Porn users may find that not only do they see their partners in a less than “satisfying” way, but they start to think that they themselves are less attractive as well.Men who viewed a lot of porn were likely to say that they became more critical of their partner’s appearance and lost interest in sex with their partner as a result.

They begin to objectify women and no longer see them as individually unique or valuable because of the demeaning manner in which women and sex are portrayed.

The user focuses solely on getting and taking when he wants.

In contrast, true marital intimacy is a giving of oneself.

They wonder what else is going on that they don’t know about. Because a bonding hormone is released during sexual intimacy, it can be a wonderful and powerful way to feel closer to and connect with your spouse.

Even users who were upfront with their spouse about watching pornography admit that they hide how much and when from them. In contrast, transparency is a common theme of strong marriages. However, if that hormone is released when your spouse is not present, that aspect of marital intimacy is lost.

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