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When interacting, if you have to think too long before you are able to come up with your verb form, you will spend your time “preparing’ your next phrase and not really get into the actual conversation. Do it in the affirmative and the negative forms, so the whole thing comes quickly to you.

And of course, since you are now an advanced student, you should master all the tenses and moods, including the French subjunctive which is extensively covered in my À Moi Paris Method – Advanced audiobook.

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In fact, moms having affairs with significantly younger men is a celebrated trope -- one that deserves a bit of a retrospective.But their French is not adapted to today’s modern French language.French is an evolving language, and without sounding like a teenager, you need to keep up to date with today’s French, in particular, the glidings and modern pronunciation.This “modern” French language affects everything: French pronunciation, vocabulary, but also word order, questions…If you’ve only studied “traditional” French, some French people will have a hard time understanding you (or you’ll sound just like a book…) and believe me, you’ll have an even harder time understanding them!

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