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“This summation was convincing enough for the court to grant me unsupervised overnight parental responsibilities with my daughter; a kind, smart, joy-filled little girl now enrolled in a local elementary school.For that, I am immensely grateful.”Are you able to maintain supportive friendships?That has been the case for many years now.” He adds, “Due to his religious beliefs, my biological father has forsaken me.My mother has been supportive, but not to the extent of extending herself out of her comfort zone.“In terms of connections and friendships, rejection has been the norm; without question, this is the most difficult part of living as a sex offender. Have you been rejected by anyone because you are a registered offender?Prior to my arrest, I had a thriving (albeit stressful) career, with hundreds of friends on both personal and business levels. Dating and romantic relationships can be hard for registered offenders. But I think my issues with this are more tied to my low self-esteem than anything else.People tell me how strong of a person I am and that they love that about me.

DG is single with no children, so only his parents and sister have been directly affected.

Now, five-plus years removed from my offense, only two of those people have chosen to stay in touch with me.” He says that since his arrest, “I haven’t had a single day where I’ve met up with someone to watch a ballgame, hang out at the beach, or grab a bite to eat or a drink. DG and ST both admit they have struggled with this, but for different reasons. I seem to think that nobody would want to date me because I am a sex offender.

The fact that I’ve not done anything illegal in 15 years does little to alleviate that shame.

He worries about that above all else, which he rightfully should.

I respect his concern, and also his disappointment.”ST says, “For reasons unrelated to my designation as a sex offender, I don’t have the bonds I would like to have with my immediate family.

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