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Instead, when she is ready, she will seek out someone who is strong enough to keep up with her. Free spirits need passion, understanding and patience from our lovers.

It seemed like such a trivial way to categorize such complex beings. But some introspecting, I realized I may have inherited this title from the woman who raised me: My mother. She was child of the 60s and 70s; she made her own clothes, dated men on her own terms, always spoke her mind and had a mess of thick, Italian-American hair, which she never wanted to tame.

Our friends snap fingers in front of our faces when we drift off mid-sentence. Our way of thinking is not a straight line, but rather a winding maze that we are trying to navigate. To the contrary, we're usually too busy being self-aware of our brains, body, emotions and actions to concentrate on our immediate surroundings.

Sometimes the real world is far too harsh for free spirits. We absorb others' pain, pleasure, anxiety, contentedness, fear and courage.

We, in turn, will also do everything in our power to love and enrich our partners.

We find it difficult to focus because our heads are always in the clouds.

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