Couple dating sites

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STI Status: 0/10 — Site does not offer method to post or search for positive STI results.

Identity Verification: 4/10 — Not foolproof, but verification badges allow you to verify that you are on Facebook, have an email, have a Twitter account, have a Google account (who the hell has those anymore?

Gender Identification: 0/10 — Site assumes you are either a man or a woman.

Also, the app keeps freezing, making me close out almost every hour.I literally just had to delete the app and re download it as it would not keep me logged in.I want to keep using it, but it’s becoming very annoying.For the non-monogamous, that includes “married”, “living together” which could be viewed as a very subtle way of signaling non-monogamy, though not useful for non-monogamous people who live alone or are not married.Sexual Orientation: 1/10 — You’re either gay or straight.

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    As they themselves say, it’s 'the secret way to get down with people nearby.' So, if you want to get your rocks off and not have to pussyfoot around it, this seems to be the app for you.

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    Starting out as a free dating service, it now charges .00 for participation.

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    While you might wonder how men get pregnant in the first place, first remember that some transmen indeed can get pregnant in real life.

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    The company had also indicated that it lacked existing cash or cash from operations to repay a .5 million debt that was due July 31.

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    Seeking Threesome is an anonymous and stigma-free community for couples who are into swinger lifestyle and polyamory, as well as bisexual or bi-curious singles who want to arrange a three way and explore kinky BDSM lifestyle!