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Others point to increased, rather than decreased, opportunities.After all, women are more financially independent today than ever before. S., for the first time in history, the number of women in the labor market exceeds the number of men.The scientific data are scant, but anecdotally at least, it appears that the "cougar" phenomenon—relatively older women choosing sexual relationships with younger men—is experiencing a flowering of sorts.There are a number of plausible reasons for the uptick in older woman-younger man couplings.The classic wife narrative (find a husband, have children, raise them, then go knit in the rocking chair) is all but extinct.

For example: in porn, all women love, desire, and cannot wait for the man to come on their faces. According to pornography, no women have pubic hair. In the world of porn, women have orgasms all the time, every time, at a moment’s notice, in all positions. The main—and often only—contact in porn is between the participants’ genitals.

Women now constitute a majority in universities, medical and law schools, and doctoral programs.

In roughly a fifth of American families, women are the main breadwinners.

Her criticism is directed instead mainly at the puritanical American society, which refuses to educate and teach young people about real sex.

Due to the sexual education vacuum, pornography has de facto turned from entertainment to education.

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