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Commonly, I’ve seen ‘whites only,’ ‘white people preferably,’ whereas on the flip side, I’ve seen ‘Asians are a plus’ in events where their race is fetishized.”Garcia is part of the Latinx community said people of colour (POC) can become even further marginalized.“As a POC, it feels certainly disheartening to know this is just a common, day-to-day experience putting yourself out there in an online format, especially within a community that already experiences a degree of marginalization.”Mahlon Evans-Sinclair is a 33-year-old from Toronto.The Black gay man has found success with online dating apps to find relationships, but says it wasn’t always an easy process to navigate.“It’s frustrating, partly because in the game of trying to find a match, tapping on a profile and reading ‘not you’ because of one facet is like throwing the whole meal away because they put cilantro on it,” he said.

But Evans-Sinclair argued this notion can become problematic.

You’re more articulate than other Blacks I’ve spoken to’ to ‘I don’t do darker than me.'”Daniel Mitchell, 24, of Toronto is Italian and Jamaican.

In his experience, he believes Black gay men have the hardest time on dating apps.“Black gay males are often times fetishized by other ethnicity.” As a mixed-race individual, he was once told he was hot for a Black man.“Backhanded compliments like that are rooted in racism, and they cause the recipient to question their own self worth,” he said.

Sometimes the levels people go to let people down is quite disturbing.”ASAAP offers a one-on-support program that highlights racism in the dating world.“We alert them to the fact that racism exists and give them tips on how to handle it including reporting to the folks who monitor the app, human rights tribunal [and] where to go for help if they have been harmed emotionally/psychologically.”Speaking with Global News, a handful of gay men said phrases like “no Black, no Asian” are common on gay dating apps like Grindr.

In 2018, the company launched an anti-racism campaign to tackle some of these messages of hate, the BBC reported.

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