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I downloaded Tinder for the first time in Buenos Aires because I wanted to practice my Spanish.Even if I don’t go out with anyone, at the very least it’s entertaining to scope out people in foreign cities.”Feeld is an app for people who know what they want.“I don’t like to tell people how we met,” she says of her fiancé.

“It’s a bummer, because I used it to meet cool people to expand my dating pool, which was helpful with the radius feature on Tinder.” She says that, despite some annoying responses from dudes, she was just out of a relationship and wanted to stick with using the app.But then, “I woke up one day and decided I wanted to have a threesome, and that’s how I came to download Feeld,” she says.She noted that the app immediately felt easier than Tinder or Bumble.At the time of download, she was single and recovering from a bad breakup.She used Tinder and Bumble for regular dating, but hated the experience.

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