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According to numbers provided by Priori Data, the Tinder app was downloaded around 570,000 times in the Netherlands in 2018.

As of 2018, there were approximately three million single-person households in the Netherlands.

Just seems like the app still needs quite a bit of tweaking yet the apps been in the App Store for years.

As of 2019, Tinder was said to be the most popular, with roughly 60 percent of the Dutch singles who are actively looking for a relationship indicating that they make use of it. This numbers provided here are the results of a survey asking for the most popular dating apps in the Netherlands.

The companies behind the dating apps rarely share user numbers on the Netherlands specifically, so most data on this topic comes from individual surveys.

It could use regular maintenance and performance improvements.

Also, something seriously has to be done with the scammers that make a pretty real looking profile until they don’t answer your questions or respond directly to your replies and then you end up texting a number that’s completely wrong for the area they said they’re from.

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