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As such, it is for busy people who couldn't' bear answering comprehensive personality tests.

One of the site's free and most important features is video chatting. It takes only a few seconds to find a match once you've clicked on the "start chatting" button.

If you want to impress, compose a personalized message.

Save time and catch that member's attention before he or she tries to move on to the next chat.

You can turn on your webcam yet stay anonymous with the site’s facemask features.

After exchanging information with your chatmate, you can probably set up a meetup or an actual date.

You may not see much personal information about a person unless he or she divulges such to you during your conversation.

The only available information is the gender and the country where the person is based.

Sometimes, other members also share their preferences when it comes to the kind of relationship or topics that interest them.

Aside from enjoying the conversation, this will also help you understand different cultures and appreciate other nationalities.

If you want to remain mysterious, you can use the virtual masks on.

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