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The evening will include a social hour with wonderful food and light refreshments.RSVP by October 20th – click here to register For questions, email: [email protected] call 510-922-8687 First Meet-up: October 24th, 2019 Time: pm-pm Location: Epilepsy Foundation of Northern California Office 1736 Franklin St. There hookup too many dating adult online, but why? Older woman keeps flirting with my boyfriend at work. The people on this site are not homeless - far from it - they all have homes, but they also have compassion, and would like to support people less fortunate than themselves.Everyone on this site is a genuine single looking to find a new partner.

People who are homeless are often unable to acquire and maintain safe and adequate housing, and often lack a fixed, regular, and adequate night time place to stay.

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Thanks to everyone for their messages of support, if you want to help the homeless you can donate to one of the well known homeless charities.

Your donation could help give a homeless person a bed, shower and food for the evening.

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