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Key issues: In 1994, State prisons held 88,100 sex offenders compared to 20,500 in 1980.Most will return to the community, many supervised by parole officers.o The model process for managing and containing sex offenders on probation or parole values public safety, victim protection, and reparation for victims as paramount.o The model process seeks to contain offenders in a triangle of supervision: treatment to teach sex offenders to develop internal control over deviant thoughts; supervision and surveillance to control offenders' external behaviors; and polygraph examinations to help design, and to monitor conformance to, treatment plans and supervision conditions.

What is being done to manage sex offenders in the community to contain them and thereby protect victims and the public?

o Other aspects of the process are (1) collaborative strategies relying on intra-agency, interagency, and interdisciplinary teams to develop a unified approach to sex offender management; (2) consistent public policies supportive of sex offender-specific containment practices; and (3) quality control measures that include monitoring and evaluation to guide continuous improvement in sex offender management.

Target audience: Probation and parole officers and supervisors, treatment providers, victim services personnel, law enforcement officials, prosecutors, judges, social services personnel, State and local policymakers.

Series: NIJ Research in Brief Published: January 1997 31 pages 52,474 bytes U. Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs National Institute of Justice National Institute of Justice Research in Brief Jeremy Travis, Director January 1997 ------------------------------ Issues and Findings Discussed in this Brief: Results of a national telephone survey identifying how probation and parole agencies managed adult sex offenders and a description of a model management process for containing sex offenders serving community sentences.

The model process evolved from insights gleaned from field research in six States.

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