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However, the exact number of affected parties has not been disclosed at the time the notice was released.

Security researcher and moderator of data breach awareness portal (HIBP) Troy Hunt, on Monday, May 30, shared that the breadth of the breach actually involves over 65 million compromised records—now regarded as one of the most massive data dumps of its kind.

In an experiment, Motherboard provided email addresses—three from the news site’s staff and two from friends who have had accounts on the social network—to Leaked Source to verify the authenticity of the said stolen credentials.As such, an extortion email sample reads, “Unfortunately your data was leaked in a recent corporate hack and I now have your information.I have also used your user profile to find your social media accounts.In a statement to Motherboard, , the same hacker behind the sale of stolen Linked In credentials referred to the advertised Tumblr database simply as a “list of emails”.Tumblr was noted to have used SHA1 to hash the passwords, aside from “salting” them, thus making it difficult for hackers to crack.

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