Adult friend finder data

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In February, Friend Finder Networks said Adult Friend Finder had more than 60 million users.

Data was also stolen from,,, and i, according to Leaked Source. Also popular on RNC Chair Reince Priebus is named Donald Trump’s chief of staff.

It is no longer enough to focus on passwords and financial data – any level of breach can cause significant distress or financial harm to the affected customers.

Stolen email addresses will leave the victims vulnerable to phishing attacks and fraud across other sites using the address, while names and other details can be used as a source of embarrassment or blackmail.

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Unfortunately penetration testing or application security scanning can offer almost no insight into how data is stored or processed inside an organisations applications and data stores. It enables organisations to see how their data is managed by systems and more importantly whether it is encrypted and whether that encryption level is satisfactory.” Justine Cross, Regional Director at “The public has long since run out of patience for companies that fail to protect their data, and the Friendfinder Network is just the latest example proving that businesses must take a new stance to keep information in their care safe.

Whilst I appreciate it’s our responsibility to protect our data there are some seemingly easy measures that could be put in place to stop the use of these extremely common words.

Some websites already do this but more need to step up and help those people who still do not understand the need for password sense.

Whilst probably not at the same level, the Adult Friend Finder breach data does contain several thousand and email addresses.

In a word, it looks like Adult Friend Finder had as close to no security as you can get while running such a website.” Mark James, Security Specialist at “This leaked data is astounding.

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